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Acrobatic squirrel on the walnut tree’s whirly-jig!

2657_1043277997622_8200294_nPorch-trashing squirrel on the railing!

Squirrels live in my back yard for two reasons:

1.  To throw down, rip open, bury, lose, dig up,  eat, and make a general mess with walnuts.

2.  To taunt my cocker spaniel.

“SQUIRREL !!!!!” cries my son.

Dog HUUURLS self against sliding glass door.

“Woof ,woof, woof, woof, big-bad-I’m-a-fierce-dog woof !!!!”

Squirrel sticks out tongue.

Squirrel comes up on porch and looks in sliding glass door.

Dog HUUURLS self against sliding glass door.

“Woof ,woof, woof, woof, big-bad-I’m-a-fierce-dog woof !!!!”

Squirrel munches walnut. Sticks out tongue at dog.

Sometimes, just for kicks, a couple squirrels tag-team-torment my dog.

Once, my husband actually let her out to chase them.

(The squirrels simply climbed the fence,  flipped their tails, trotted up to the neighbor’s garage roof, stuck out their tongues at the dog, and then sailed down the street…

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Moving my blog

Dear Followers of Lura’s Sarah:  I’ve consolidated my blogging world into one presence, so please follow me back to center at http://ranikaye1.wordpress.com/

Thank you so much!  – Rani (Sarah)

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Nature should be nurtured

God put everything we need in place before He created us.  In the beginning, we were created to tend a garden, to conceive and raise children, and to walk with God.

In everything we have to do on earth, the challenge is to find what is best, and to nurture that.

Gardening, raising children, walking with God — the way to be most successful in life on earth is the same for all three.

Find what is beautiful, and nurture it.  It is perfectly fine to move things around — just do so carefully, and at the proper time for each thing.  Keep the soil well-fed and aerated.  Pull the weeds when the weeds are young and tender and when the soil around them is soft.  (They come out easily then.)  Enjoy, celebrate, and praise.

That’s life in a nutshell.

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Winter comes on little duck feet

winter solstice duck, птица_4555

winter solstice duck, птица_4555 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, it’s damp. My husband says that’s why I feel so cold.

It hasn’t snowed, and the temperature outside at 5 PM is still nearly 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

They are promising 50 degrees for tomorrow, and that is really not bad for the end of November!

The skies are gray. The sun will be going down any minute now. It is good to have the pretty colored lights on the Christmas tree to cheer me.

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November bouquet

IMG_6636These are my favorite flowers. They bloom in my yard in early November.

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Sweetgrass and Sage

Sweetgrass and sage were burning in a smudgepot when I came to work this morning. Martin said the gloomy light had everybody’s spirits down. My spirit soared, though, as I listened to the drums (on CD) and breathed in the fragrance of the incense all around me. I was walking in the woodlands, with a concrete world around me, waiting for the winter solstice. Beautiful Lyrics may be read here.

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